The Power of Your Beliefs

Posted on October 20th, 2017 by admin


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A belief is the undeniable inner conviction of what you know to be true.

A classic example of the power of our beliefs is someone who is trying to lose weight. You know the people I am talking about: they go on a quick-fix diet and lose lots of weight, only to gain it back plus more months later.

They fail at their goal of long-term weight loss because of their limiting beliefs, fleeting focus, and sporadic and depleting actions. Without a foundation of enabling beliefs, their focus will not be sustained nor long-term positive action be accomplished.

For people to lose weight, they must believe not only that they CAN drop the pounds but also that they WILL drop the pounds.

They need to viscerally know that a healthy body involves a lifelong lifestyle change and believe to their very core that they MUST continue to live that way going forward. No more quick-fixes, no more shortcuts, no more diet hacks, and no more false promises to themselves on how quick, easy, and painless the whole process will be.

If they believe that their body or metabolism is “broken” and too-far gone to be helped, they will behave in a manner that supports that belief.

If they believe it is ultimately “too hard” to lose weight the right way, they will find a way to sabotage their efforts.

If they believe that weight loss should happen “quickly and easily”, they will grow impatient and quit before they even get fully started.

Or if we go a level deeper, if they believe they are “undeserving” of the success they crave, they will find a way to be unsuccessful to prove themselves right. Our brains are funny like that.

We are hard-wired to behave in absolute consistency with our own beliefs. Our emotions act like an invisible GPS system and move us toward our beliefs every time without fail.

Weight loss is more about what goes on in your head than anything else. Actually, any accomplishment and success worth achieving is more about your beliefs, than anything else.

Change your beliefs, and you change your whole outcome.


So, what thoughts and powerful internal beliefs are guiding you down the path you are taking in life?


Jennifer Broxterman, MSc, RD
Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist
Professional nutrition counselling services in London, Ontario, Canada.


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