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Possum Carb Hangover

Possum Carb Hangover

I had a little chuckle when this headline and picture caught my attention: A possum broke into an Australian bakery and ate so many pastries it couldn’t move. This is how they found him. (source) I think most of us have been there before, but see, even little critters feel terrible […]

CrossFit Positive Drug Test

CrossFit Athlete Tests Positive for Performance Enhancing Drug Use From Contaminated Supplement

Sad story of Richard Bohlken, a high level CrossFit athlete (16th ranked man at the 2014 CrossFit Games) who tested positive for the banned substance Ostarine that his sponsors accidentally contaminated his pre- & post-workout supplements with unknowingly. With the positive drug test, CrossFit is following through on their zero-tolerance drug-free […]

Nature Walk along River

30×30 David Suzuki Nature Challenge

It’s almost May! Want to get happier, healthier, and more relaxed? Add a daily dose of nature to your routine and try taking on David Suzuki​’s 30×30 challenge. Each spring, the David Suzuki Foundation challenges Canadians and people around the world to join the 30×30 Challenge by spending 30 minutes […]