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How to Read More Books

How to Read More Books (Without Spending A Single Dollar or Adding More Time to your Day) By: Jennifer Broxterman, MSc, RD Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist   I’d like to share one of my favourite discoveries from this summer. It helped me to go from reading 1 book per […]

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NutritionRx Recommended Reading List

NutritionRx Recommended Reading List If you’re looking for some powerful reading recommendations on the topic of personal development and self-improvement, here are a few of my favourite books that I regularly recommend: Jennifer Broxterman’s Top Book Recommendations for Self-Development Mindset, Habits, Willpower, Self-Improvement 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do Resilience: […]

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Assessing Body Composition: When the Scale Lies

Assessing Body Composition: When the Scale Lies Over the past 15 months, I’ve eaten mostly healthy, whole foods and exercised very consistently. And guess what? I GAINED WEIGHT. Now, that hardly seems fair if you just look at the number on the scale, but when you look a little deeper […]

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The Cost of a High-Information Diet

THE COST OF A HIGH-INFORMATION DIET: Consuming lots of information (e.g. reading social media news articles, skimming through newspapers or magazines, listening to the news, watching videos of cute pandas doing backflips, keeping up with what your friends are up on on social media, etc.) comes at a cost. Most […]

The only problems people are unable to solve are the ones they are unwilling to talk about.

Turn Failure Into Feedback

“The only problems people are unable to solve are the ones they are unwilling to talk about.”   This week’s challenge is to turn #FAILURE into #FEEDBACK.   Don’t look at nutrition & fitness setbacks as examples of how you: ❌ suck at life ❌ can’t do anything right ❌ […]


The Next Smallest Step

Something really cool starts to happen when you take the phrase “I can’t” or “I’ll never” out of your vocabulary. For example, changing:   “I can’t do that.” or “I’ll never be able to do this.”   to “Although I’m not there just yet, I’ll get there one day, one […]