30 Day Nutrition Challenge: Day 9

Posted on November 9th, 2012 by admin

30 Day Nutrition Challenge
DAY 9 –
Practice Mindful Eating
Sitting down at a table to eat a meal slowly, mindfully, without distraction is an important habit that is slipping away in our fast-paced society.  Today’s goal is to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, sitting down (ideally at a table), with no distractions (no TV, cell phone, laptop, magazine, Facebook, or other distractions).  This means no standing up while eating, no eating on the couch while watching TV, or eating in the car.  Be present, be mindful, and savour the smell, taste, and texture of your food.  Stop when you feel satisfied.

DAY 9 – Success Tracker
□ Ate breakfast sitting down, with mindfulness
□ Ate lunch sitting down, with mindfulness
□ Ate dinner sitting down, with mindfulness

By: Jennifer Broxterman, MSc, RD
Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist
NutritionRx | Professional nutrition counselling services in London, Ontario, Canada

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